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A Story

Learn The Rules

The Importance of Exams

A Game of Chance

Exams Are Approximations

Unavoidably Exploitable

Opportunities in Disguise

The Examiner-Student Asymmetry

You Have Been Conditioned

Content and Context

Work Smart

The Work Equation

The Minimum Work Principle

Examples of The Minimum Work Principle

The Freedom of Restriction

The Plan

Select and Eliminate


Past Papers

Active vs Passive Preparation

Making Notes

Other Study Materials

Cramming and The Absorption Threshold

The Zone


Disruptive Technology

Working Environment

Pressure and Stress


Direct vs Indirect Preparation


Play The Game

Exam Strategy

Method of Assessment

Large-Scale Exams

Small-Scale Exams

Project an Aura of Competence

Timing Strategy

Pre-Exam Routine

Strategy Template: Optional Questions

Strategy Template: All Questions

Strategy Template: Multiple-Choice Exams

Exploit Familiarity

Exam Questions vs Real Questions


Dealing With The Unexpected